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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 20, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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right now live storm track are rain. a local teenager shot and killed in israel. >> he was really warm, lively. >> the horrific tracks there others. >> a young mother goes out for the night and never returns home. in tonight's new england's unsolved how her family is working to get justice for her. >> there has been some light rain out there tonight but heavy rain is on the way and it will impact your morning commute. good evening, everyone. i'm mark o ockerbloom. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. fox 25 stormtracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here.
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storm and the radar, in parts looks like there's a nose bleed out there. >> really coming down hard in some spots. orange and red lighting up the radar. in fact, you'll find heavy downpours that are coming in, especially to the northwest of the city of worcester, in worcester county here some of the roads up here in royalston are in the red part of the radar and that's really coming down hard that's for sure. going back south of worcester now, you're seeing heavy rain here, too. and some of the roadways being affected in and around town to where the colors are coming down
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the heaviest. we're gonna widen up one last time. there's still plenty of rain to our southwest sliding northeast toward us, also the back edge to we'll talk about how hard it will be coming down during the morning commute and when it will come to an end tomorrow, as well. >> in jerusalem, a teen was killed. it will comes after a wave of violence surrounding a holy site sacred to jews and muslims. tonight we're hearing from friends who are sharked that the sharon native is gone. this young man was recent graduate. the town of sharon has a high jewish population so it's not uncommon for kids who graduate high school to go there and spend a year there as this man was doing.
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it turns out this is a particularly dangerous time to be in israel. as today this town sadly learned. >> in sharon tonight, shock and disbelief as news spreads that 18-year-old ezra schwartz who grew up in this town is killed in a terrorist attack in israel. >> these innocent kids from sharon, they're close to me. schwartz graduated just last spring in brookline which released a statement. today we are all part of the school and suffered an unbearable loss.
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in sharon. i spoke with a father whose son is also over there, a recent high school graduate and tells me the schools over there have been in lock-down because of terrorist attacks and he's now worried more than ever for his son's safety. fox 25 news. the isis ringleader in the terrorist paris attacks is dead. investigators identified him using prints from his hands and feet and identified a female suicide bomber who died in the raid as the ring leaders cousin. as aaron mclaughlin reports, the news has politicians here taking action. >> the ringleader suspected of
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attacks in paris is now dead. french authorities announce abdel hamid abaaoud was killed during an intense seven-hourle raid with police on wednesday. he had been involved in four previous spots prior to last friday's horrific assault. >> there's still an enterprise investigation which is to take down the entire network and. >> reporter: with isis now threatening more attacks worldwide, u.s. lawmakers have called for a block on syrian refugees. >> the dais are 279 and the -- the yeas are 279 and the nays is 37. today overwhelmingly it was voted to hold syrians from entering the u.s. until they're certified that the refugees don't pose a risk. the white house says it will veto such legislation. >> as erin just mentioned, the u.s. house has approved a bill to add more background checks for syrian and iraqi refugees.
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legislation passed, despite a veto threat from the president. both republicans and some democrats approved that measure. that includes massachusetts congressman steven lynch and william keating. we have developing news in the baby villa case. tonight the medical examiner has released her body clearing the way for her funeral. ted. >> elizabeth, it looks like one chapter of this incredibly sad story is about to end after multiple autopsies, bella bond's body was released and now being cared for by this winthrop funeral home and arrived here this afternoon. >> nearly six months after her body was found a trash bag on deer island, bella bond will finally be laid to rest. fox 25 has learned the state medical examiner released bella's body to her biological father, joe amorosa. speaking to fox 25 by phone,
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funeral home in winthrop, winthrop is amorosa's hometown. >> this is a very, very hard thing to do. it's bad enough that, you know, i'm burying a little baby, and it's just -- you know, she ain't even 3 years old. >> reporter: the reason it took so long for bella's body to be released is because mutt autopsies were performed, including separate ones, performed at request of of the two people charged in connection with her death. authorities say 35-year-old michael mccarthy repeatedly punched the little girl in the abdomen because he thought she was possessed by demons. mccarthy was the boyfriend of michelle bond, authorities say she tried to cover the crime up. >> this has definitely moved a lot of people and touched the
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hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. >> joe amorosa says he plans to speak to the funeral director tomorrow to finalize the arrangements of the wake, funeral and burial. he says he wants it all to be private, no media in his words, he doesn't want it to become a circus. amorosa was not close to bella's mom or bella. in fact, he says he never even met the little girl, now he has the awesome responsibility of laying her to rest. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> the apparent hit list was found at sea cock high school. we're told the families of students on the list have been notified and the district attorney is assisting in the investigation. there are no reports of an arrest in the case but police say they are taking every precaution to protect students. >> new hampshire police working to track down this suspect accused in the shooting death of a manchester man. surveillance footage catching him at a convenience store moments before 37-year-old
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last month. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. the 2500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> no cameras allowed tomorrow during the trial of a damage verifies student accused of killing his math teacher. the judge has concerns that members of the jury and a recorded. both are forbidden. during testimony today phillip chism listened quietly as several witnesses took the stand, that included forensic scientists and two students. one said chism seemed agitated when he was in ritzer's classroom after school the day she was killed. chism is charged with raping and killing ritzer back in 2013. a pretrial hearing today for the girlfriend of james whitey bulger. katherine agreeing did not attend but her sister protested outside the courthouse. she said whitey is furious that prosecutors charged agreeing with contempt. he says he's a mess and wants to come up and kill them. bulger is already serving life
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for murder and agreeing is serving eight years for helping white elude capture. tonight the school is officially investigating a hate crime. abdul-jabbar, a third-year law student at harvard said he's glad someone put the tape over these portraits because it's now forcing the community to discuss so. >> i think the good outweighs the bad. >> some students are now calling for a more diverse legal education and others a more diverse staff and student population. were. >> the body of a 19-year-old woman found outside route 45. >> and 37 years later, still no arrest. in about 20 minutes, fox 25's bob ward shows you what's being done today to find a killer in new england's unsolved.
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>> and sharing her story, how she says that dreadful day put
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o. this is breaking news on the fox 25 morning news. fox 25's robert ghoulston traveled to new york where the dead and massachusetts state police captured the suspects. >> reporter: the arrests happened in this busy vj's parking lot down here in long island. one islander telling us that police surrounded his vehicle and we're learning that he may have been hiding out in this area because he has connections to new york. >> he's a good president. >> reporter: back in james walker morales' cambridge neighborhood, people don't know what to think. >> he's just really cool, you know, calm and collected. he was surrounded by feds and state police in this new york parking lot wednesday night. police say the 34-year-old broke into the u.s. army reserve center in worcester last weekend going through a kitchen window
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and cutting his way through the ceiling of a weapons vault using a power saw and pry bar. fox 25 also learning morales has a prior assault and battery conviction and on a gps monitoring device while awaiting a trial on a child rape charge, something investigators of the armory did not know. >> i was not really aware that he was on probation and h auto bracelet. >> according to surveillance records, it shows a man entering the building with a duffel bag and at 9:07, the alarm is triggered. the following day, surveillance shows the suspect vehicle departing. that morning at 7:30, the army reports the theft, the feds believe morales cut off his monitoring bracelet at 8:48 that same morning. >> i'm just glad they caught him and i'm glad he's off the streets. >> morales became a suspect after investigators got a hit in a dna database using blood found in the weapons vault at the armory.
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armory getting copies of his discharge papers days before the gun thefts. we tried learning more about his service but the army reserve has not yet responded. police telling us some of the weapons have been recovered and they don't believe morales was pat of any sort of terrorism plot. morales is scheduled to be in federal court down here in new york tomorrow. and of course we will be here. in westbury, new york, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. a marathon bombing survivor calling out an airline for losing luggage with valuable o things inside. hi, american air, you lost my luggage with over $250,000 worth of dance parts. it's been days and i can't dance. she lost her leg in the 2013 bombings. last year the avid dancer was fitted with a specialized prosthetic made for dancing and has performed several times since. well late tonight, the airline has tweeted back, saying it's doing everything it can to reunite her with her luggage but responding to tweets now saying
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that she is in contact with american but the bag is lost and the airline can't track it. a man wanted for murder in brazil is now in custody here in massachusetts. earlier this month police got a tip the 35-year-old reinaldo barbosa of martha's vineyard might wanted in brazil currently on probation for assault. ice was contacted and able to confirm that he was wanted for he was arrested on monday in front of the edgar town courthouse. surveillance video catching an armed robbery in stoughton on cam are. police say the suspect syringe. tonight. he is accused of entering central liquor mart around 12:40 this afternoon, displaying the syringe and demanding cash. police say the suspect ran toward the train station on porter street after making off with the entire cash till. officers searched for the syringe to test any dna but could not find. >> the final two paintings has been found. the day the fbi announced that
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the paintings by nc wyatt were turned into a retired fbi a little in the boston area recently. a total of six paintings were stolen in 2013. four of them recovered last december at a pawnshop in los angeles. three people have been arrested so far. all six paintings will soon be on display at the portland museum of art. a crane crashes into a new hampshire home, destroying part of the roof. check it out right here. new at 10:00, two people were inside at the time of the incident. fox 25's malini basu is live in merrimack new hampshire. moll knee, you spoke with the owner of the home. >> mark, we spoke to them about two hours ago, and that family, as you can imagine, is still shaken up, home when all this happened. tonight the family asked us please don't show ours faces. we are just tired and exhausted. >> reporter: a crane came crashing down right into a family's home. they hired contractor to cut the trees down in their backyard. >> just a bang on the backside of the house.
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and that's where the boom ended up, and that's all there was to it. >> reporter: the exhausted homeowner did not want to show his face. walter says he was standing right there when the crane fell. >> i was right there looking out the window and the thing went over. duck. the dishes came out of it. >> the workers were cutting down the last tree when the freak accident happened. >> crashing noise, and the whole thing was over in 2 minutes. >> today we also learned that the hospital. he has some minor leg injuries. he is going to be okay. in the meantime, the family tells us the reason why they're cutting down all of the trees, extension to the back of the house and of course now that project has been delayed. for now, live in merrimack new hampshire tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. major league baseball looking to put new expansions at parts across the country.
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the decision was announced today and a full plan should be in place in january. if you'll recall last summer a red sox phantommia carpenter nearly died when a broken bat hit her in the head at fenway. sanford says mlb has done a ton of research on fan safety and fans and increased visibility for them. the commissioner said fan safety is paramount. subway spokesman jaryd fogle sentenced to 15 years in jail after being convicted on child porn charges. this afternoon fogle pleaded guilty and a defense psychiatrist argued that his extreme diet caused him to develop a sexual disorder. fogle famously lost nearly sandwiches. he was fired by the chain once the charges against him surfaced earlier this year. a little boy is left crying after a vacation to disney world. later on why tsa workers forced him to leave his favorite toy behind. >> up next, the brand-new tougher regulations that the massachusetts attorney general
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>> a public hearing has been scheduled for january and healy says she expects to have regulations in place by next winter. crews are working to clean up after this mess. skyfox flying over a water main break in revere today around 1:00 p.m. it happened right near revere beach parkway. you can see the cars going slowly through the deep water. crews are still trying to figure out what caused the break. an early morning house fire in natick. everybody got out of the house safely. the flames started in the garage and spread to the rest of the house and part of the roof collapsed. students at coakley middle school in norwood were on lock-down today because of a nearby robbery. police say the nearby sharon credit communication and walpole was robbed just before kids were going to be let out this afternoon. the suspect was believed to be armed. cheap gas as the
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oil and u.s. oil production is going as well. economists say a strong u.s. dollar in international markets is contributing to lower prices. >> if you really want to make it simple, the demand is almost double as it was this time last year but the surprise out of the equation is almost four times as it was this time last year. we've got a lot of oil, sitting, waiting to be used and it's just not happening. >> you heard it from that man wearing a blazer what ock would like for christmas. a average two dip down to $2 by the middle of december for the first time since 2009. a local man asking to be let out of prison for a crime he committed as a teenager. the shocking murder and the victim's family members who want him to stay behind bars. live stormtracker, we'll
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and show y. it baffled state police
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investigators for nearly two decades. a teenaged girl found murdered on the side of the road. >> fox 25's bob ward tells us that teresa's family is now renewints search for justice. the unimaginable violence that took teresa's life. >> two days later, teresa's body was found in a ditch on the side of route 495. nearly 40 years later, her family still trying to find out why. >> what drives me is what happened to teresa was a true injustice. >> reporter: jerrihood is one of teresa's sisters. >> it was senseless what happened to her. >> reporter: the nightmare of teresa corally's final hours began at a bar in downtown franklin where teresa and her friends were drinking and celebrating a birthday. teresa got into an argument and
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walked out. she started a 14-mile walk home on a cold night. somewhere in the center of franklin three young men picked up teresa in a car and brought her to the presidential arms apartments where things spiraled out of control. >> i was told that she was held down and raped or attempted to rape. >> according to state police, teresa ran out of the apartment sometime before 4:30 in the morning. she started hitchhiking where two different drivers picked her
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. >> reporter: this is fox 25 drone video of the northbound side of route 495 in bellingham. in 1978, this was a crime scene. teresa coraly's nude body was found on december 8th, her jacket and jeans thrown next to her body. a man claiming to be connecticut businessman john burlington called bellingham police alerting them saw the body when he pulled off the road to relieve himself. now state police say john burlington never existed, and deepening the mystery, shortly after the burlington call but before anyone knew a body was even discovered, a local man walked into the police station asking if they had found teresa up on the highway. that man is now dead, but police think he may have known much more and others could too. and that's what teresa's family is counting on 37 years later. jerry and her sisters have created a facebook page called justice for teresa coraly.
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facebook page, i thought she was forgotten, i really thought the whole town forgot about her. people forgot about her. >> it would be so easy to just walk away from it. >> no. no, that's walking away from her. >> i recently spoke with the norfolk county d.a.'s office who tell me they continue to search for justice. dna testing might provide a significant break-through. it's happened in other cases, and it's hoped that it might happen here, too. if you have any information, you're urged to contact the tip line... >> live look downtown to the sake imbridge. not much happening, there the showers haven't reached the boston area. calm sprinkles around the area today but the heavy stuff is on the way. it's here on doppler radar.
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we're gonna zoom in and pinpoint a couple of these places. look at the yellow and orange showing up in western massachusetts eventual southern vermont and southern new hampshire as these places where i'm seeing some of the heaviest rain down in here. we're going to zoom down and find some of these spots. look for the yellow and orange and you'll find some of the heaviest rain into the towns of athol and royalson. you'll find some spots of orange and live storm track will tell you exactly which streets are getting affected the most. we zoom down to street level. townsend road over to golf road there, as well, getting some of the heavier rain through that town. off to the north and west of there into battleboro vermont, there's swansea new hampshire. looking at dublin new hampshire getting heavy rain. peterborough, as well, goffstown, look at the rain moving into hillsborough right know, heavy downpours as well. southward, the immediate lull area, and right down here to the south and west of lull, seeing some spots of yellow show up and again this is all progressing off to the northeast, coming through billerica right now. expect that in your city,
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lowell, just minutes from now. off to the southwest, the city of worcester. over to rutland. seeing dark green which is moderate green and heavy downpours right here down to 122 and we can zoom down closer, and we'll do that. flag street, west view road, moving towards pleasant street at this hour, as well. and there's more to come. more heavy rain off to the southwest of there. there's the masspike taking you to the west brim field with heavy rain there and along route 20, as well. overhead we're seeing this front come on through but we're seeing the heavy rain go up along the front into southern new england and central new england and more the southern branch of the front as it flies on by. futurecast shows that we're gonna see the heavy rain continue through worcester over the next couple of hours and into boston, through the 2:00 to 3:00 hour and even by 4:00 and 4:30, when shiri is talking to you in the morning, there will be heavy rain around boston, southshore, cape cod and the islands before it finally gets on out of here.
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but the morning drive, especially boston and southward, things will be kind of messy. notice to the west, the sun is coming out, even before the rain is over out there on cape cod and the islands and by noontime the last it will leave the outer cape. the heavy rain threat is now high. obviously we're getting some gusty winds. have had some gusts over 20. groton had a gust of 33 miles per hour. it's a possibility to get a few gusts when the heavier rain comes on by. haven't seen any lightning but still a low threat of that. by noontime, we're back to sunshine. tomorrow afternoon is looking very nice, and temperatures are about what they should be this time of year, too. by saturday morning, mostly clear. still a few clouds start to drift on. we call it a mixture of sun and clouds on saturday but side. rain amounts tonight, not much over the next couple of hours, .30 of an inch in boston and up to an inch in worcester and points westward and by 7:30, the rain has fallen in boston, it will stay about a half inch, closer to an inch by 9:30 and out in the cape, 11:30, 3/4 of an inch to an inch in those
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so a good soaking rain overnight tonight, but not a flooding rain, don't need to be concerned about that... oat. workers voting to increase the minimum wage. >> new at 11:00, the restaurants doing their help to help customers. the way customers are helping to come up with extra cash. and a woman with late stage lung cancelled fighting to get medical marijuana. we told but her battle before
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>> bush says he feels good, excited about new hampshire's primary traditions and he is going to win the nomination. the irs has any weapons to protect your identity at tax season. we had a camera at a briefing this morning in washington. the irs worked with state and tax preparers to add safeguards
1:33 am
to keep criminals from claiming your tax returns. if you file online, you'll notice more security questions and prompts to verify your identity by email. whether they're on their personal dices or in their personal interactions. >> last year the irs flagged 3 million potentially fraudulent tax returns. fcc commissioner says in the event of a terror attack alerts on phones are a critical way to communicate. o the our security so often depends on connectivity.
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>> the proposed rule would also make dealers more localized and better targeted geographically so you don't get alerts that don't relate to you. a new hampshire woman battling late stage lung cancer could be allowed to get medical marijuana in maine. fox 25 brought you the story last week. a new hampshire medical marijuana id card now even though the state's dispensaries are not open yet and her lawyer says if that happens she can get medical marijuana in maine. no ruling has been made yet. a local man convicted of killing an elderly woman when he was a teen faces a parole board. >> if there was one thing in my life that could i take back, this crime would be it. >> up next, the question about the heinous crime that even he couldn't answer.
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why tsa >> local convicted killer facing a parole board hoping to get out of jail after killing an elderly woman nearly 30 years ago. the man was 16-year-old when he stabbed an 87-year-old woman 18 times. fox 25's john monahan spoke with the victim's family, john. >> it was hard for them to relive the horrific night as the man convicted of killing their grandmother told the parole board what he remembered. they are against his release. but tonight even he said he's not ready for parole. >> reporter: chris barry is sworn in before the parole board. >> barry now saying he's sorry for the horrific murder of
1:36 am
saugus in 1987 when he was just 16. >> my apology to the woodward family, to my community, and anyone else that was affected by this crime. >> reporter: barry next said he didn't even deserve to be paroled. >> i think that i would be a little delusional to think that i could get paroled today, but that's what i'm working for. and i -- that's my goal, is to get paroled. >> reporter: barry was next question about his memory of that night. >> what i remember is stabbing a person in the bed and then i left. >> reporter: police say he broke into the widow's home, drank vodka, ate a piece of pie, then stabbed woodward who lived alone 18 times. ending his rampage by smoking a cigarette and then putting it out on her forehead. >> there was one thing in my life that could i take back, this crime would be it. >> reporter: when asked why he
1:37 am
committed the heinous act, barry couldn't give the parole board a good answer. >> the board to of indicate you meet the legal standards of parole, don't you think that's something that you should be able to answer? >> yes. >> reporter: woodward family members also inside the parole hearing don't believe barry's story or his claim of being rehabilitated. >> he couldn't remember any of the part, killing my grandmother. that's what he said, but yet he could remember that a week after. >> woodward maintains that barry told the details of that gruesome murder a week later in jail and they also maintain he should not be released. john monahan, fox 25 news. an unexpected tend to a vacation when a child wasn't allowed to board with his new toy. he was returning from his first trip from disney world and trying to bring home a buzz lightyear toy but the tsa
1:38 am
toy looked too much like a gun and couldn't be brought in carry-on luggage. the boy's father says his son was devastated. >> we understand that things are scary out there right now, but taking a toy away from a 5-year-old doesn't enhance national security. it was all i could do not to break down with him in that moment. >> the family did not chuck any luggage for their trip so had to leave the toy behind. they filed a complaint with the tsa. fox 25 investigates is exposing an audit of the brockton housing authority, raising some serious questions about the salaries paid. we found a former executive director was being overcompensated by tens of thousands of dollars blair miller went straight to fox investigates. >> we asked questions about salaries. perhaps the biggest issue raised is the salaries for the former executive director. according to the audit he made
1:39 am
allowed. but then the authority without the official approval paid him an additional $34,000 for unused vacation and sick time. his salary ballooned at $201,000. the audit also questions the salaries of other high-paid leaders saying the process lacks sufficient transparency. caterina beres' grandfather lives here at the housing authority and is shocked by the salaries. >> here we are and we have people that live here that actually need their help. >> reporter: we took our findings to the current executive director thomas tebow who wasn't the director at the time of the audit. >> what do you say to people when they may think, that's a lot of money for someone who is leading the housing authority? i have a lot to say about that, to be quite honest. >> reporter: tebow now makes $145,000 a year, under the $160 max. he admits mistakes were made and
1:40 am
discussed including one issue in this aid thought says they're missing out on money by not selling vacant apartments quick enough. >> the command for house something pretty high, isn't it? and if anything it really takes away from the people who truly need it. >> correct. >> so what's being done to change that now? there are a number of initiative its. we're working with the state, the department housing of community development, we have a vacancy preparation program. that specifically addresses this. >> reporter: blair miller, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, a boston marathon bombing survivor channeling her struggle to help others. roseanne sadoya speaking at u-mass lowell today, leading a new program on campus about the challenges she's overcome. she says she's decided to become a motivatal speaker and use her story to inspire others to obtain high and never quit. >> we all have our challenges in life, some maybe worse than others, but everybody has in some form or fashion and that you just have to take your time, make the right decisions and
1:41 am
keep a positive attitude and try to keep moving forward each and every day. >> sadoya was standing near the finish line of the marathon back in 2013 and lost one of her legs. new at 10:00, ballston police posted this picture today saying thank you to a woman who found a creative way to thank the department. the officers were working construction detail near ruggles and d.u.i. t streets in roxbury when the woman gave him the gift. they say thank you for doing what you do, signed ms. lee. police want to thank the woman for her kind gesture. heavy rain coming through right now. let's get right to doppler radar so i can show you where the time. live doppler radar, switching over to that right now, and you'll find some of the heaviest showing up here in new hampshire now. towns like henniker, warner, getting a real deluge right now. heavy rains in battleboro and southeastern vermont into
1:42 am
now in massachusetts we can go down to street level and find some of the roads that are being affected. route 12, arbor ham to fitchburg is coming out right now. getting some of that heavy rain off to the north and lawrence and andover we're seeing some that have heavy rain come through here, as well. in the city of and over, especially yellow and orange showing up on doppler radar, meaning it's coming down hard here. 495 cutting right through the lawrence area, hide street, prospect street all getting the heaviest rain right now. shifting off to the southwest to the city of worcester here. now it's the east side of the city of worcester getting some of the heaviest rain in the yellow and orange... o. >> i'm take you through the morning with the latest rain when we get out of here at 11:00. >> new at 11:00, the steps one restaurant is taking to he get their employees a better paycheck.
1:43 am
esthetic leg parts vanished. the plea for help from the marathon bombing survivor tonight. and coach julian put out a plea for some good home cooking from his team for a change.
1:44 am
the red sox than which all love home cooking, right. for the bruins so far this year it's like they've been cooking with steal ingredients. cleaning out the cabinets. but not tonight. fresh produce, add in a few spices and that bad taste from previous home games gone. a five-star meal for bruins fans tonight. okay, maybe a three-star meal. coach julian gives his boys an earful after tuesday night's garden loss for the sharks and it works. five and a half minutes in, marchand gets the bs on the board first, 1-0. marchand's seventh of the year.
1:45 am
tied at 1 in the second when the lee ericson show takes over. first from david krachi to make it 2-1 and then later from patrice bergeron and it's 3-1 bruins. and then 3-2 in the third. ericson with his team-leading, ninth of the year. and the bruins first hat trick of the year. four-2 the final. bruins win at home, now game over 500, they are home again saturday night since the last he maple leafs have come to the garden. >> the reason they say obsessed, i want what they have, they won some rings, whatever. i ain't kissing them but i respect 'em. i admire the fact that they've been that successful through the years, but that's what i'm chasing. you know, i want to win, man. i mean, that's as simple as that and to do it. if you really want to be the very west, you gotta go ahead and beat this team. >> rex ryan may or may not be obsessed with the patriots but certainly talks a lot about them and his teams usually come to play.
1:46 am
coach team has gone against the bill shepherd chick coach team they're ready to rumble. so says rob gronkowski. >> fired up for sure is. >> they're always playing hard. definitely gotta be prepared. >> rex has only beaten the patriots three times in 13 tries in the regular season but of course he beat the pats here in foxboro in the 2010 play-offs. ryan has lost eight of the last nine against belichick but it seems to have played tough football. the last five games have been decided by eight points or less. >> according to national voters, musicky bets was the red sox mvp this year and david ortiz was second in the a.l. mvp voting. musicky receives o 22nd and
1:47 am
american league winner. unanimous mvp baseball in history and the youngest to win it overall since 23-year-old came ripken won it in 1983.
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